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St Louis Vector Graphics. Vector graphics are the best way to get your message across multiple platforms. Due to their unique nature, vector art can be scaled across any size media without losing any quality. Need an example? You could use the same vector art file to print your logo on a business card, and also on a billboard! When you have your vector art created by Left Hand Promotions, you are getting the most versatile graphics available for your St Louis business, event, or interest group. Your art files can be used for multiple purposes including stationary, screen printing, custom promotional products or embroidery. Get a free quote of a custom vector design by contacting Left Hand Promotions at 314-315-4757 or by using our online contact form.

When we deliver a design, you can be sure of two things. First, that you are getting a custom vector design that is creative and attention grabbing. Second, that your file can be opened and used by any of your staff, or in-house graphics people. LHP only uses Adobe Illustrator for our custom vector art. Want to see more of what we can do for your business? We would love to show you design studies of past clients, and how getting a custom vector graphic from Left Hand Promotions can put your brand in the spotlight. Visit us today at 1556 S. Broadway in beautiful historic Soulard, located about 5 minutes from downtown St Louis. We look forward to serving you! 
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