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Duffel bag embroidery St Louis. The bus stopped, it’s pouring down rain. The driver has pulled a mound of duffel bags from the cargo bay; all looking the same! Oh, woe is me, why can’t I ever find mine in a hurry? Well now you can! Left Hand Promotions can make your duffle bag stand out in the crowd. Unique designs embroidered in beautiful, vibrant colors are one of our specialties. Needing a custom backpack or duffel bag for you or your St Louis business? Call Left Hand Promotions at 314-315-4757 or use our online form for a free design consultation and cost analysis of your project. Not needing embroidery services? Take a look at other promotional products we offer.

Don’t delay. Order your new duffle bag or company messenger bags today. Our orders are processed quickly at a modest price. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you are local to St Louis, stop on by for a personalized design experience to see how we can help you. LHP is located at 1556 S. Broadway in historic Soulard, about 5 minutes from downtown St Louis. Get driving directions here. We look forward to seeing you.

Our duffle bags are available in a variety of sizes, styles and background colors. A design specialist can help you select the perfect pre-printed pattern or assist you in developing an original design. Then a Left Hand Promotions embroidery specialist will make your choice come alive using colorfast threads in bright, cheerful colors using a variety of stitches—chain stitch, satin stitch or tufted to name a few.

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