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St Louis Custom Embroidery. As St Louis celebrates its 250th birthday, think about what makes it such a fabulous city. When you have decided what you like best, contact Left Hand Promotions. Our talented embroidery designers will create a lasting tribute to your favorite St Louis symbol, statue, quotation or building. Call us at 314-315-4757 or use our online contact form for a free St Louis embroidery quote and design consultation.

So whether St. Louis “is first in booze, first in shoes and last in the American league” promote your home town with pride.

The Arch, Gateway to the West, King Louis IX astride his gallant steed, a floral tribute to the botanical garden, the Weatherbird and our city’s symbol, the fleur de lis, are all worthy of your consideration. You might choose to have an embroidered tote bag or lunch bag, bookmarks to give as celebration gifts to your friends, or perhaps, a household item such as a coaster, tea towel, fingertip towel or placemats and napkins. Left Hand Promotions sells high quality background materials– T-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags, caps –and uses embroidery thread in bright, lasting colors at modest prices. Get a design consultation, including a free estimate, in person at our Soulard location. Left Hand Promotions is located at 1556 S. Broadway, about 5 minutes from downtown St Louis.
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