Custom T-Shirt Printing St Louis

St Louis custom t-shirt printing and design. Custom t-shirt design in St Louis is our specialty at Left Hand Promotions. We have a team of specialized screen printers to help you custom design the perfect t-shirt. LHP takes care of your desires throughout the entire design and printing process, ensuring you get the best designs, at the best price on the material, brand or color of your choice. Left Hand Promotions offers custom t-shirt printing on popular brands such as Nike, Hanes, Adidas, Gildan, Izod, Puma, American Apparel and more. Need a large order for your company staff or event? Or just need a few shirts to promote your next non-profit event? LHP can provide both at affordable prices. Due to our size, we can also out-price our local competitors. Want proof? Give LHP a call at 314-315-4757, or contact us via our online contact form for a free custom t-shirt printing quote. At Left Hand Promotions, we make it simple to get custom designed t-shirts quickly and easily.

St Louis Custom T-Shirt Design

LHP doesn't just provide t-shirt printing, we also provide custom t-shirt designs. Our in-house design staff works with you or your company representative to deliver the perfect t-shirt design for any occasion. Left Hand Promotions has been designing and printing t-shirts in the St Louis area for over 30 years. No matter the quantity, (we can even print just one!) or the design requirements, we can help. Local to the St Louis area? Why not pay us a visit to see what we can design for you? LHP is located at 1556 S. Broadway in historic Soulard St Louis. Come meet the staff, and sample other custom t-shirt designs from past and current clients. Driving directions >

Custom TShirt Designs