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Are you having a company picnic or have you created a team for a non-profit fundraiser and looking for team t-shirts that will unify everyone, while drawing attention to your purpose? At Left Hand Promotions we take pride in our custom design services and one-of-a-kind products we create in house. We can create a custom brand or design that will stand out and send the message you want to relay, all at affordable costs and no hidden fees. Contact Left Hand Promotions today to take advantage of our screen printing service for Bridgeton MO.

Here at Left Hand Promotions we know that when you purchase a product, sometimes you want something unique, that not everyone else has. We can help! We offer Bridgeton custom design screen printing , embroidery , and promotional product services that can guarantee you will have products that are unique to your message or services. Left Hand Promotions graphic designers will help create a brand that you will proud to provide to your friends and clients in Bridgeton MO.

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At Left Hand Promotions we can create the design you are looking for fast, easy, and at an affordable cost. We pride ourselves on the services that we provide to all of our clients. From custom screen printing for Bridgeton to embroidered and promotional products, we can create an exclusive design that will capture your message. Because we can customize our services to your needs, Left Hand Promotions is your number one pick for custom screen printing for Bridgeton.

We know that when you get a custom screen printed t-shirt made, you want it to last. Here at Left Hand Promotions we provide high quality products and service to ensure that your t-shirts last and continue to provoke interest. We offer normal and specialty inks, such as glow in the dark, that are sure to impress. We are sure that once you have tried one of our services, you’ll come back for more. Choose Left Hand Promotions for you screen printing for Bridgeton MO.

Custom Design Screen Printing Bridgeton MO

  • Custom Scouting T-Shirts
  • Custom Non-Profit T-Shirts
  • Custom School Shirts
  • Custom T-Shirts for Events
  • T-Shirts Family Reunion Shirts
  • Custom Designs
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